Meeting the Challenge

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Making best use of our resources

Increasingly, our producers are under scrutiny in terms of how they use our natural resources. Consumers too are increasing their demands for ethically-focused products, creating new markets and opportunities around the world.

The onus now is on us, as farmers, growers, fishers, makers, and crafters, to show that we produce outstanding products that treat our land and oceans with care and respect. New Zealand can lead this.

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Sustaining our prosperity

As a nation, we continue to depend on our natural resources for our livelihoods and to pay for the things we value as New Zealanders.

Change is important, but we need to pace that change so we can all continue to meet our commercial, social and community obligations. That means we need to move forward with a clear plan. Success will come from striking the right balance between people, planet and prosperity.

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Working as one

We need to take New Zealanders with us on the journey to an enriched future. But just as importantly, we need to involve others in how we step forward. From policy makers and regulators to scientists, entrepreneurs, academics, marketers, financiers and more, we need to come together and work through the issues we face in integrated, multi-disciplinary ways. Being fit for a better world is something we face as a nation. We need to solve it as a nation too.

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Maintaining our reputation

It will take time to get this right. We need to use that time wisely – to foster critical skills and knowledge, to adjust how we work, and to secure the consumers we need globally to make these changes viable.

To maintain commitment, we also need to keep people informed. That means highlighting our successes, but also the things that are taking longer to resolve, so that people keep their faith in us.