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29 November 2023

Climate change impacts on the global wine industry

Also in this issue:

Under-utilised crops
Cast a weather eye on shipping
We have been looking at...

15 November 2023

Development of bovine methane emission reduction tools

Also in this issue:

Food fraud and food traceability
Postbiotic food developments
We have been looking at...

27 October 2023

Cost savings in food product development via artificial intelligence

Also in this issue:

Tea plantations on hill country farms
Marine organism research to inform the development of drought resistant crops
We have been looking at...

13 October 2023

Can NZ salmon farming leverage cutting edge tech?

Also in this issue:

Price v Values - tough Gen Z food choices
Israel’s food tech investment slump
We have been looking at...

29 September 2023

Sugarcane waste innovation

Also in this issue:

UN plastics Zero Draft
Bio clips reduce vineyard plastic
We have been looking at...

8 September 2023

Beetle biomimicry

Also in this issue:

Global ESG standards
Emerging tech 2023
We have been looking at...

23 August 2023

Reinvigorating NZ-India trade relations

Also in this issue:

NZ aquaculture
Ancient grain offers climate change solution
We have been looking at...

4 August 2023

Grain supply impacts

Also in this issue:

Green hydrogen progress
True to label
We have been looking at...

19 July 2023

Sticky food inflation

Also in this issue:

Asia and alternative proteins consumer insights
Bioproduct innovation for construction
We have been looking at...

22 June 2023

Harnessing fungi power

Also in this issue:

Clean energy boost
Food redistribution initiatives
We have been looking at...

9 June 2023

China's circular economy progress

Also in this issue:

Cosmic and ‘super collider’ crops
Self destructing plastic packaging
We have been looking at...

24 May 2023

Number eight wire thinking

Also in this issue:

Growth potential for NZ nuts
Fermentation capacity bubbling along
We have been looking at...

12 May 2023

Climate change, emissions and the food and fibre sector

Also in this issue:

Case study: young US farmers priced out by solar farms
Hydrogen technology developments
We have been looking at...

19 April 2023

Bee-Bots may save the world

Also in this issue:

Less pesticide, more….sex perfume?
Mushroom magic
We have been looking at...

11 April 2023

Zero emission vehicles – transitional opportunities

Also in this issue:

Up for renewal – the US Farm Bill
IPCC’s AR6 – a summary
We have been looking at...

23 March 2023

Identifying priority areas of the blue economy

Also in this issue:

High carbon price – an innovation incentive?Technology to maintain resilient renewable energy production
We have been looking at...

13 March 2023

Innovation of resilience

Also in this issue:

Green product claims drive sales growth
Where are all the workers?
We have been looking at...

23 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle - can crisis drive change?

Also in this issue:

AI escalates bioactive discovery
We have been looking at...

26 January 2023

WELL_NZ: Modern Genetic Technology

Also in this issue:

New year, new trend?
Solar panels with a side of tomatoes
We have been looking at...

2 December 2022

Alternative Protein 2022 – reference document release

Also in this issue:

NZ food producers progressing ethical credentials
Big food players backing alt-protein companies
We have been looking at...

21 November 2022

Can solar panels co-exist on food producing land?

Also in this issue:

New carbon capture technologies – an option for New Zealand?
Quick charge batteries promising for heavy industries.
We have been looking at...

28 October 2022

The Artificial Intelligence landscape

Also in this issue:

Artificial Intelligence in food production
Artificial Intelligence across food delivery and storage
Valio’s Bettersweet chocolate
We have been looking at...

14 October 2022

Turning the tables on food loss and waste

Also in this issue:

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
Upcycled Food Innovation
Re-thinking packaging
We have been looking at...

30 September 2022

Climate change impacts devastate global grain production

Also in this issue:

What global role will alternative proteins play and what are the opportunities for NZ?
Coming soon from Te Puna Whakaaronui
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1 September 2022

Inflationary pressures impact consumer behaviour

Also in this issue:

Extreme weather - effective food supply resilience strategies are essential
Will precision fermented infant formula break into the US market?

17 August 2022

Personalised nutrition – the next big thing for the food industry?

Also in this issue:

The power of New Zealand blackcurrant
What’s the opportunity?
Microbiome 1.01
We have been looking at...

5 August 2022

New regulations impact plant-based alternatives

Also in this issue:

Animal-free dairy as cheap as animal protein by 2024
Research: Human ability to digest milk evolved from famine and disease
Global Food Update July 2022

21 July 2022

UK vertical farming expansion

Also in this issue:

Report overview: Growing our Future: what’s next for regen ag in the US?
Gene editing regulations – time for an NZ conversation.

7 July 2022

Te Puna Whakaaronui at E Tipu BOMA Agri Summit June 2022

Also in this issue:

GROW Impact Accelerator reveals latest cohort of cutting-edge start-ups
Sound Agriculture and Shell PLC partner to find practical ways to reduce nitrogen use

22 June 2022

Sub-atomic particles with cosmic potential to power the world

Also in this issue:

Our phosphorous future: recommendations for governments and primary industry sector
Gene-edited tomatoes could provide new source of Vitamin D

10 June 2022

Big food companies increase investment in modern food

Also in this issue:

Market consolidation – is it inevitable?
Making space at the modern food table.

11 May 2022

Horticultural by-product innovation

Also in this issue:

CO2 in 2050: New Zealand crop trial implications
Replacing synthetic fertilisers with microbes
Update: Precision fermentation start-ups scale up.

27 April 2022

Biofortification: more bang for your buck

Also in this issue:

There’s a new wave of water generation technology… where is it being deployed?
Denmark becomes the first country in the world to develop climate label for food.

14 April 2022

Will rising food prices prompt a modern foods revolution?

Also in this issue:

Big things really do come in small packages.
Seeking kelp: macroalgae growing into the alt-protein market.
Carbon sink or carbon source? The conundrum of seaweed aquaculture.

20 March 2022

Insects as a source of protein

Also in this issue:

One man's trash is another man's treasure
I can't believe it's not meat
Hands off my meat!
News: We are interested in...

1 March 2022

Alternative seafood

Also in this issue:

Vertical farming
Robots & seaweed
News we've been following

24 December 2021

Year in review

Also in this issue:

Investment in 2021
Predictions for 2022
Global Supply Chain Crisis
Recent Innovation

4 November 2021

A global energy perspective

Also in this issue:

Case study: electrification of Forest Lodge Orchard's operation
Upcoming events in the energy space
Interesting reads

15 October 2021

Regenerative agriculture investment

Also in this issue:

Case study: GFI food conference 2021
What we've been interested in...

29 September 2021

Growing pressure to shorten supply chains

Also in this issue:

Case study: Cargill and Aerofarms partnership
Key reads

14 September 2021

The psychology of future foods

Also in this issue:

Innovation to eliminate food waste
Key reads

31 August 2021

Food security and long-term health impacts

Also in this issue:

Iwi ingenuity and regulatory hurdles
Key reads

13 August 2021

Cellular agriculture: the journey to cost competitiveness

Also in this issue:

Sustainability as the price of entry
Key reads