A Strategic Approach

The Primary Sector Council was a group of agribusiness leaders and strategists that aimed to help the food and fibres sector achieve more sustainable value from its work. The Council was established in April 2018 by the Minister of Agriculture to provide strategic advice to the Government on issues, opportunities and challenges facing the primary industries, to develop a sector-wide vision and to undertake strategic planning.

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Council membership, reflections and report topics

The Primary Sector Council was made up of a chairperson, and up to 14 other members from across the primary sector, each appointed for up to 2 years.

Find out more about the Council members: Council member profiles

In March 2020 several Primary Sector Council members reflected on their work over the two years: PSC member reflections

In its final report (get it from the Home page), the Council includes short pieces on the topics of:

  • the need for pace (pages 11 and 12);
  • the challenges including climate change (pages 13 and 14);
  • water (page 15);
  • farm-level change (page 16);
  • research and education (page 17).

Also: protecting biodiversity, asset ownership and food for health.