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24 August 2023

Working together to better understand our connections with New Zealand's soils

The Rere ki uta rere ki tai research project is making great strides in investigating how farmers can work alongside science practitioners to unlock methods to revitalise Aotearoa's soil health, says AgriSea's chief executive officer Clare Bradley.

3 August 2023

Pāmu halfway to its 2024 carbon goal

State farmer Pāmu - the largest farming group in New Zealand - is over halfway towards meeting its goal of 100% of its more than farms gaining Toitū carbonreduce certification by June next year.

17 July 2023

Push to help reduce calving injuries

DairyNZ has partnered with ACC to design and develop innovative solutions to reduce injuries particularly over the calving season when farmers around New Zealand often suffer from strains and sprains.

5 July 2023

Pilot aims to boost NZ kina exports

A $2.2 million project called Kinanomics - using land-based aquaculture systems to prepare kina for export - has been backed with $1 million of investment from the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures Fund.

29 June 2023

Building on successes for our brighter future

Fit for a Better World's vision is more relevant than ever as the food and fibre sector continues to make strides to execute its plans for transformation and drives towards a more productive, sustainable and inclusive future, says MPI's Chief Transformat

29 June 2023

New campaign to tackle farm injuries

The Half-Arsed Stops Here campaign and Farm Without Harm strategy, developed over two years by Safer Farms, aim to spread the health and safety message straight to the heart of NZ's rural communities.

15 June 2023

New investments in emissions research

A greenhouse gas testing and research facility is to be built in Palmerston North to monitor and measure emissions from cattle, as part of the work of the Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions.

9 June 2023

Fonterra invests in nutrition science

Fonterra is launching its Nutrition Science Solutions unit to invest in global start-ups as it seeks to get more value from its farmers’ milk, with its first investment in a San Francisco-based biotech company.

24 May 2023

Maintaining Our Licence to Operate

As our world continues to change, farmers can meet their obligations to respect the whenua they are operating on through continued engagement and commitment to innovations such as regenerative farming systems, former Ngāi Tahu Holdings CE Craig Ellison.

15 May 2023

Women navigating food and fibre paths

New Generation Change workshops are being run by the Agri-Women’s Development Trust to help prepare, inspire and support young women to find their place in the food and fibre sector with skills and mentoring.

13 May 2023

Sustainability boost for fisheries from AI

A system from Advanced Conservation Solutions can help to improve the sustainability of fishing practices by using AI and machine learning to identify in real time the species of fish that enter fishing nets.

5 May 2023

Biological Emissions Reduction Science and Mātauranga Plan

Reducing agricultural emissions is a key component of Aotearoa New Zealand’s response to climate change. It will help to ensure that we have sustainable and healthy food and fibre systems for now and in the future.

25 April 2023

New Fonterra drinks innovation centre

Fonterra has launched a new application centre focusing on developing beverages in Shenzhen, in southern China, as part of its strategy to introduce NZ milk to Chinese customers in more innovative ways.

21 April 2023

Building resilience is key to ensuring our rural communities can overcome climate shocks

Our rural communities need our full support in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle. But they can emerge stronger and more resilient through determination and collaboration, says MPI Director-General Ray Smith.

6 December 2022

Seaweed innovation to clean waterways

Agrisea project exploring use of Ulva seaweed to absorb excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from polluted waterways - with the seaweed then available for use as fertiliser after being harvested.

6 December 2022

Rural households to get broadband boost

Government signs contracts to accelerate upgrades to towers and broadband, with 30,000 households and businesses in rural communities set to benefit from increased access to connectivity.

5 December 2022

Whitebait farm pilot launches in Bluff

Manāki Whitebait pilot project in Bluff hopes to create a year-round, sustainable commercial supply of what’s an increasingly threatened native species, following support from the SFF Futures fund.

1 November 2022

Building a farm emissions reduction toolbox to help bolster New Zealand's future wellbeing

There's no single solution for reducing farm methane emissions but there are many tools that could help, says B+LNZ’s general manager farming excellence Dan Brier.

26 October 2022

Ngāi Tahu joins with science partners

Ngāi Tahu Farming have signed agreements with research organisations, including AgResearch and Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, to provide data and insights for NZ's largest ever regenerative farming trial.

25 October 2022

New robotics option for horticulturalists

A New Zealand-made robot that can help with orchard jobs, such as spraying and pruning, unveiled by Tauranga-based Robotics Plus at a conference dedicated to agricultural robotics in the United States.

25 October 2022

5G decision to boost rural connectivity

Rural cell phone users likely to be among the biggest winners from the decision to allocate rather than auction new 5G mobile spectrum, with many communities likely to access technology far earlier than anticipated.

18 October 2022

Helping farmers breed better cows

With New Zealand said to have passed 'peak cow', breeding better cows has been doing a lot to boost productivity, with LIC seeing increased genetic quality in our dairy herd as the vital pathway to future successes.

5 October 2022

Workforce funds for aquaculture industry

Funding boost aims to accelerate aquaculture strategic workforce plan to help the sector reach its goal of growing its annual sales to $3 billion by 2035 as part of the NZ government's Aquaculture Strategy.

1 October 2022

How premium petfood could become a $1 billion export industry for New Zealand

Aotearoa is on track to seize a larger and more lucrative share of the global premium pet foods market, says NZ Petfood Manufacturers Association's Richard Brake.

29 September 2022

New wine research centre 'a huge asset'

A $3.79m viticulture facility aims to help the NZ wine industry stay ahead of global trends and foster research in a 'Future Vineyard' by exploring automation and robotics, as well as climate resilience.

16 September 2022

Arable farmer trials sustainable methods

South Canterbury farmer Andrew Darling is aiming to phase out nitrogen use over the next 18 months by participating in a new research project led by the Foundation for Arable Research looking at new sustainable practices.

15 September 2022

Air New Zealand's first shipment of sustainable aviation fuel set to arrive

Air New Zealand's first shipment of sustainable aviation fuel has only just arrived, but already the airline is sounding out opportunities for locally produced biofuels using woody biomass collected from forestry waste.

8 September 2022

Kinleith Mill set for bioproducts study

Tokoroa site to host $2 million joint feasibility study aiming to harness the valuable by-products of wood fibre by exploring the development of new ranges of sustainable wood products, hydrogen and biofuels.

7 September 2022

Māori and Pasifika diabetes sufferers face new hope in battle against the killer disease

Research into alternative uses for whey permeate - a by-product from making cheese - has led to a company setting its sights on developing a remedy for people with type 2 diabetes.

1 September 2022

Bright prospects for global wood market justify bold rethink for New Zealand’s plantation forests

The Forest and Wood Industry Transformation Plan from Te Uru Rākau could enable a radical shift towards more value-adding opportunities for Aotearoa's foresters, says NZ Forest Owners Association CEO David Rhodes.

28 August 2022

First year of research into breeding low methane-emitting cows shows promise

Research run by artificial breeding companies LIC and CRV has confirmed bulls' genetics play a role in how much methane they emit, highlighting the potential for dairy farmers to breed lower methane-emitting cows in future.

5 August 2022

Major regenerative farming study starts

Ngāi Tahu and the Government have joined forces on a new project aiming to validate the science of regenerative farming, with a seven-year study comparing environmental impacts of side-by-side dairy farms.

1 August 2022

Food and fibre must include youth in the decision making for our industry’s future

The challenges facing the food and fibre sector have presented an immense opportunity to attract and secure a diverse and inclusive workforce for the future, says Food and Fibre Youth Network chair Cheyenne Wilson.

27 June 2022

Investment to drive strong wool exports

Wool Impact is a three-year collaboration between the Government and the sheep sector to grow wool export revenues by making it a compelling, affordable alternative to synthetics.

22 June 2022

Potential gold mine in 'black diamonds'

Ohiwa Black Diamond, a Bay of Plenty truffles company, is sharing the secrets of the industry in a bid to get landowners growing this lucrative product on unproductive land across the country.

9 June 2022

Mentoring boosts skills of trainees

To support trainees in becoming skilled agricultural machinery operators, Rural Contractors NZ and MPI have launched a programme to recognise contractors who excel in the HanzonJobs initiative.

1 June 2022

Let's work together to take a large slice of the food and fibre pie for New Zealand

Our fruit and vegetable growing industry has set itself the goals of improving grower margins and doubling the farmgate value of production from $6 billion to $12bn by 2030, says HortNZ chief executive officer Nadine Tunley.

12 May 2022

Smashing the glass ceiling on farms

On the back of long hours, hard work and studying, 3 Taupō women are proving their doubters wrong as they prepare for their first season as managers of Pāmu dairy farms just outside of Taupō.

6 May 2022

Higher values from plantation forests

This $25.5m, 7-year programme led by Forest Growers Research will revolutionise silviculture via smart technology – bringing about higher skilled and high-wage jobs that support a low-emissions economy.

1 May 2022

Seafood industry will help ensure economic prosperity for NZ

It generates $5.2 billion in total economic output, employs about 16,500 people, and maintains a strong and important connection with our coastal communities, says chief executive officer Jeremy Helson.

29 April 2022

Wanted: farmers to join seaweed trial

Fonterra's partnership with Sea Forest – to see if Asparagopsis seaweed as a supplement feed for dairy cows can reduce greenhouse gas emissions – has opened up to include farmers in this exciting trial.

14 April 2022

$25 million helping hand for farmers

We’re backing farmers and growers to adapt, innovate and grow their food and fibre exports with a comprehensive package to strengthen training and employment within the rural advisory sector.

1 April 2022

Let's meet our challenges with smarter work

Ash-Leigh Campbell share-milks her own 900-cow farm while also working at agritech company Halter. A young Māori farmer, Ash-Leigh is a champion for innovation and progress that align smartly with the core goals of the Fit For a Better World roadmap.

21 March 2022

Saved: water to feed 500,000 people

Fonterra, in close partnership with Ecolab’s water management division, saved 190 million litres of water in their manufacturing processes across Australia and New Zealand.

16 March 2022

Aligning land use and Māori culture

Māori farmers are under pressure to use ancestral land in ways consistent with communal values, and have to balance those goals against the need to cut greenhouse gases on farms, two researchers say.

1 March 2022

Building a sustainable future for the honey and bee industry

A shared aspiration for providing the world’s most discerning consumers with outstanding ethically produced food, all sourced from Aotearoa New Zealand, means close alignment between the work of Apiculture New Zealand (ApiNZ) within Fit for A Better World

25 February 2022

Jenny Cameron joins MPI to lead Fit for a Better World

Jenny Cameron is MPI’s new Chief Transformation Officer. She has joined from DairyNZ and will be working closely with the food and fibre sector on the implementation of the Fit for a Better World roadmap.