An Enriched Future

Getting fit for a better world is key.

We have identified five elements that are crucial to making that happen.

1. A regenerative mindset: thinking about what we can regenerate in our ecosystems.

2. A Taiao approach, and we talk about that in more detail below.

3. Our commitment to ethical production systems.

4. Delivering outstanding products for discerning consumers around the world.

5. We need to make the most of our New Zealandness in everything we do.

1104x736px content images APPROACH PLAN

We have a plan

One of our greatest strengths as a small country is bringing together all the elements needed to offer outstanding, ethically produced food, natural fibres, drinks, co-products and bio-products to the world’s discerning consumers.

What’s more, we can achieve this within a generation - with a plan that spans government policy and environmental performance through production systems, sales and marketing platforms and brand building to get us fit for a better world.

1104x736px content images APPROACH TAIAO

We have a way

Our way forward is Taiao – a uniquely New Zealand way of working that focuses on shaping our future around the health of our climate, land, water and living systems.

This philosophy will enable us to bring policy, investment, science and innovation together to create outstanding products around a compelling global proposition, establish a low carbon emissions society, restore the health of our rivers and groundwater, and revitalise the biodiversity in our ecosystems.

1104x736px content images APPROACH FUTURE

We have a future

Farmers, growers, fishers, makers and crafters have a key role to play in leading the changes that will support greater collective prosperity.

We need to bring together academic and research skills and combine different types of knowledge, insights and experience to re-set how we identify, produce and market outstanding products, interact with our environment, forge regenerative ethical production and better link our natural and human worlds.

1104x736px content images APPROACH ROLE

We all have a role to play

If we are truly going to be fit for a better world and deliver outstanding products sourced from our land and oceans, each of us will need to get involved.

Make it your business to shape our future by embracing the Taiao Plan and thinking about how you can apply its principles. Please encourage others to support and share the Vision and join the conversation, so that we can all move forward together.