Current projects

Fit for a Better World projects are categorised into 3 core themes: productivity, sustainability and inclusivity.

Explore the themes to learn more about what's happening in each of these target areas.


Productivity | Whaihua

A range of initiatives share the goal to boost sector productivity, innovation, and ultimately, NZ export earnings.

These span multiple sectors including aquaculture, horticulture, Māori agribusiness, international trade, and more.


Sustainability | Kauneke Tauwhiro

Lowering emissions and prioritising the health of our natural environment has never been so important. 

Read about the projects supporting better climate outcomes and fast-tracking sustainability in NZ.

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Inclusivity | Whakaurutia

Learn about the work supporting our people to thrive.

This includes getting New Zealanders in jobs, supporting rural kiwis, and ensuring people have enough safe and healthy kai to eat.