About Fit For a Better World

Fit for a Better World is a 10-year work programme committed to building a more sustainable, productive and inclusive food and fibre sector.

Hear more from Jenny Cameron, MPI's Chief Transformation Officer.

Fit for a Better World roadmap (Video, 18:08)

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The opportunity

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century public health crisis that has shaken societies and economies around the world. New Zealand will take time to recover from its impact.

There are other significant challenges we face, including the need to rapidly move to a low carbon emissions society, restore the health of our water, reverse the decline in biodiversity and at the same time, feed our people.

As we restore our society and economy, we have an opportunity to rebuild better, in partnership with iwi/Māori and industry. The food and fibres sector will be at the forefront of our export-led recovery and can lead the way to a more sustainable economy.


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Our 10-year action plan

In July 2020, the Government released the food and fibre sector roadmap: Fit for a Better World – Accelerating our Economic Potential.

The roadmap sets out three ambitious targets to achieve a more productive, sustainable, and inclusive economy within the next decade.

It proposes a new pathway founded on the wellbeing of Te Taiao – the natural world – and on genuine and transformative partnerships. 

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Who's involved

We all have a role to play, including central and local Government, food and fibre businesses and workers, Māori, industry organisations, environmental organisations, universities, Crown Research Institutes, investors and wider communities.

Three partnership groups will provide leadership and co-ordinate action across the Government, Māori, and the food and fibre sector.

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Current projects

Work is already underway in a wide range of project areas, including environment and sustainability, seafood and aquaculture, horticulture developments, jobs and employment, and global trade initiatives.  

Find out about what's currently happening and see our progress to date.